Lenny has been playing guitar for over 40 years, performing across the country in everything from small bars all the way to 60,000 people in the Georgia Dome. Lenny also performs and records with One Night Stand- a band that plays throughout US and Canada for both Primerica functions and fundraising for Envita Medical Center. His greatest musical joy is having the honor to lead the Sunday worship service at the Full Gospel Fellowship Church for over 25 years. Lenny’s influences include Dream Theater and guitarist John Petrucci, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Vai, and of course TSO! 

He plays John's signature 6 and 7 string Music Man guitars, holds a Mesa Boogie Amp Endorsement, and owns and operates his own music studio- Studio Independence, with engineering now his 2nd musical passion. 

He is currently a National Sales Director of Primerica along with his wife, and former Twelve Twenty-Four vocalist of 14 years, Bobbie. They reside in Eagle Rock Resort with their son Leonidas Cash Kucinski. 

For more info, visit his personal site at www.lennyk.net