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unreleased videos will appear as “Private Video” 
until the release dates listed below. 

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The First Day of Christmas 

Boughs of Holly 

Available: Dec. 13, 7 PM 

The Second Day of Christmas 

Angel Lullaby 

Available: Dec. 14, 7 PM 

The Third Day of Christmas 

A Mad Russian's Christmas/Nutrocker 

Available: Dec. 15, 7 PM 

The Fourth Day of Christmas 

For the Sake of Our Brother 

Available: Dec. 16, 7 PM 

The Fifth Day of Christmas 

What Child Is This? 

Available: Dec. 17, 7 PM 

The Sixth Day of Christmas 

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo/12-24 

Available: Dec. 18, 7 PM 

The Seventh Day of Christmas 

How Great Thou Art 

Available: Dec. 19, 7 PM 

The Eighth Day of Christmas 

Wizards in Winter 

Available: Dec. 20, 7 PM 

The Ninth Day of Christmas 

Old City Bar 

Available: Dec. 21, 7 PM 

The Tenth Day of Christmas 

Siberian Sleigh Ride 

Available: Dec. 22, 7 PM 

The Eleventh Day of Christmas 

Christmas Canon Rock 

Available: Dec. 23, 7 PM 

The Twelfth Day of Christmas 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland 

Available: Dec. 24, 2 PM 

Christmas Day Bonus Video

Do You Hear What I Hear 

Available: Dec. 25, 2 PM