Twelve Twenty-Four

Released in 2018, Transcendence is the third studio release from Northeastern Pennsylvania’s premiere holiday rock orchestra, Twelve Twenty-Four. Transcendence continues the musical journey of Twelve Twenty-Four as part of its seventeenth season of holiday touring.

Transcendence, the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits, fittingly describes the growth of the band over its long history. With the release of Transcendence, Twelve Twenty-Four celebrates not only their successful musical journey, but also going beyond ordinary limitations to achieve transcendence.

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Transcendence Album Credits

  • Lead the Way - Jason Santos, Ekat Pereyra
  • Mary, Did You Know? - Mark Lowry, Buddy Greene, Jason Santos
  • How Great Thou Art - Stuart K. Hines, Jason Santos
  • Little Drummer Boy (Live) - Katherine Davis, Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone, Kevin Reilly, Jason Santos

Light in the Dark

Twelve Twenty-Four

As a holiday and concept CD, Light in the Dark musically illustrates a journey that begins from a state of promise and passes through a valley of darkness. The journey ultimately finds a path out of the darkness back to an awakening. Throughout the journey, Twelve Twenty-Four emotionally tells their story through a creative blend of instrumental and vocal arrangements.

Light in the Dark, a solid rock orchestra oriented holiday CD inspired by the music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is also a crossover album that will find its way into year-round, mainstream play.

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Light in the Dark Album Credits

  • Praise (Luke 2:13,14) - Jason Santos, Kelsey Barnes
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing - arranged by Jason Santos; lead guitars- Jason Santos, Lenny Kucinski, Kevin Reilly
  • Light in the Dark ( Jason Santos, K. Segarra) - lead vocals - Kyle Segarra; lead guitar - Lenny Kucinski
  • Winter (A. Vivaldi) - arranged by Jason Santos; lead guitar - Jason Santos, Lenny Kucinski
  • Winter Heart (F. Gruden) - lead vocals Bobbie Kucinski
  • In Excelsis Deo (Jason Santos) lead vocals and guitars - Jason Santos
  • Funeral March (F. Chopin) - guitars - Jason Santos
  • Revelation (Rev. 21:4) - Jason Santos, Kelsey Barnes
  • This Day Forward (Jason Santos, B. Kucinski) - lead vocals - Bobbie Kucinski, Tanisha Redding. Lead guitar - Jason Santos
  • Only One True Path W3K2K12 (Jason Santos) middle solos - Michaelina Trapane, Kevin Reilly, Frank Gruden, Jason Santos
  • The Lull (K. Reilly) lead vocals - Kevin Reilly, solos - Lenny Kucinski, Frank Gruden, Jason Santos
  • Illuminations (A. Vivaldi) Christine Barnes, 12/24 in memory and dedication to Andrew Collinsworth
  • Awakening (John 12:46) - Jason Santos, Kelsey Barnes
  • Joy to the World (Jason Santos) - lead vocals - Kevin Reilly; lead guitar - Kevin Reilly
  • Christmas Miracle (Jason Santos, T. Redding) lead vocals - Tanisha Redding

Miracle on Rock Street Album Credits

  • God Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen - Arr.: Jason Santos
  • Carol of the Drum - Arr.: Kevin Reilly
  • Celtic Noelle - Arr.: Jason Santos
  • Angel Lullaby - Arr.: Jason Santos
  • Palladio - Karl Jenkins
  • Funky Little Xmas - Arr.: Jason Santos
  • Cold December Night - Danny DeMelfi
  • Sterling Salvation - Arr.: Kevin Reilly
  • What Child is This - Arr.: Jason Santos
  • The Season in never Over - Arr: Jason Santos